Different types of hydraulic equipment

Hydraulic equipments are supplies and machines that make use of liquid to accomplish certain industrial activities. Hydraulic equipment makes your equipment fast and improves overall productivity. This equipment also helps the worker to avoid making mistakes and improve efficiency. Over here, we will talk about the most common hydraulic equipment and tools.

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Hydraulic press:

One of the most common hydraulic machines is the press, which is used to create shapes of metallic or wooden products. Some handy sealing equipment also acts as a hydraulic machine. There are plenty of panels, and automobile parts are stamped with large pressing machinery.


Hydraulic motors have advance applications that help in building industrial setup. There are several mechanical tools such as pistons, saws, and crimping equipment that are powered with the help of hydraulic devices. Some industrial shafts are also used to generate power to operate such tools. These motors are also helpful for various accessories and machine parts.

Drill machines:

Drill machines also fall under the hydraulic equipment. These machines are used to make a hole on the wall or other hard surface. Most people also use this machine to fit in nuts, bolts, and screws efficiently.

Hydraulic jack:

If you want to lift heavy or bulky industrial items, there is no such thing as using a hydraulic jack. This equipment is also used for lifting heavy vehicles like trucks, cars, and other vehicles. In recent days, many airports are using hydraulic jacks for lifting aircraft which shows the importance of this equipment.


Hydraulic hammers have great features that make them more reliable in industrial work. These hammers are used to perform certain small-scale tasks in labs and workshops. There are different types of motors, cables, and pump that help to operate hydraulic hammers.

Hydraulic breakers:

Hydraulic breakers are used to break hard things like concrete and asphalt. It works with the help of nitrogen, which increases the Force of hydraulic breakers.


One of the most common uses of hydraulic robots is to assemble the different parts of machines and accessories. Mostly, the automotive industry uses this hydraulic equipment as it helps workers to grip the equipment tightly. In this way, vehicle companies make their manufacturing process hassle-free.

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