Essential question to ask before hiring an interior designer

Hiring a reliable interior designer is a daunting task; many things have to consider before making final decisions. In this article, we are going to put some essential question that helps you find the best interior design companies in Dubai.

Here are the questions:

What are the credentials and references?

Before hiring someone, make sure to ask about their credentials and legitimate references. Ask them to show you their license and training certificates. You may also have a look at their portfolios to check about their working style. If you have a limited budget, you can rely on an inexperienced person, but make sure he/she have reliable references.

What type of interior design services they offer?

Every interior designer has a different working style and specialties. They also do not offer the same packages to everyone. However, here are some services they might offer to you:

  • Consulting in designs
  • Space planning
  • Creating design concepts
  • Provide facility to buy procurements
  • Helps in project management
  • Helpful in site assessment and measurement.

How they structure your interior design project:

It is an important question, which should ask every interior designer. Ask designers how they structure your project; it indicates the time management and duration of the whole process. Initially, get basic information about the process, and then talk about the fees they charge for the services. The best designers always have unique concepts in their minds; talk about these concepts.

How do they charge for services?

This question is related to your budget. Before hiring, designers get to know about how they charge for their services. Mostly, designers charge hourly or the percentage of the cost of the project. It depends on your budget. If considered a designer, meet your needs, and then go for it.

Have they done a similar project?

It is an important question to ask your designer. If he/she has gone through with the same project, they are aware of the difficulties and technicalities of this project. They can give you the exact time frame for the completion of your project.

What is your favorite style?

When it comes to relying on an interior designer’s style, ask them about their favorite style; because it is helpful for the designer to give their best results in their favorite style. You may find the interior fit-out company in Dubai that can give you a result beyond everything.