Facts About the Entertainment Industry

If there is no entertainment in life, then the world would be facing the biggest issues and that is the world population because making kids must have only been the only entertainment if there were no sources of distracting our minds.

So, the world must thank us humans that we found out the different ways of keeping ourselves entertained and keeping ourselves busy doing other things and they weight of the world is less now.

There was a time when people used to have a light and they used to tell stories by the help of their hands and small other things but now people have come up with millions of ideas of entertaining themselves which is a good thing as well.

If there are different ways of entertaining then it means that they must be making money which also means that there are different means of employment as well. The entertainment agency in Dubai annually shows a stat that how many people it has employed and you will be shocked to know that each year, they hire less than a million people in different departments.

If you are stepping into the entertainment industry and you want to start small then we suggest that you open the academy of giving singing lessons in Dubai or a small dance academy.

And since there are all sorts of rumors about the dance industry then it is best that you read some of our facts so that you step in the industry strong, so, keep reading to know more;

In 2009, the media industry boomed because the mobile industry was developing and so did the advancement of internet started and that is why the media industry got a chance to do much more. in 2009, the media industry faced the biggest loss because the people only watched Olympics the whole time and they blamed it on the Olympics. since the media involves much of everything, the singing media department also lost their 3 percent of the revenue that same year. it will be hard for you to believe but still the 20 percent of the people listen to the radio. Since the cell phones have been introduced, people have been reading newspaper less and the following years are said to be bad for the newspaper industry as well.