Pros and cons of keratin treatment

Keratin treatment Abu Dhabi is a chemical procedure in which the hairs will go through a complete procedure and a few of different products will be applied on them with some specific quantity and with measured ratios and then these chemicals will be left in the head for a certain time and after washing for the final time there will be silky smooth hair at the end of the procedure. People will frizzy or curly hair will like to have this procedure and everyone with a certain length of the hair can get this procedure but it has to be done from a good salon. Men will usually go to the barber shop Abu Dhabi and if the shop is not well established then you should not get this treatment from there because they will not have the proper equipment and place to treat your hair correctly. Here are some pros and cons of this procedure:

Pros: When you get this treatment then you will get instant shine on your hair and they will become so smooth and manageable that you will never imagine that if you are going through this treatment for the first time. You will get lesser split ends after that because the chemical keratin will help in the good growth of your hair and reduce spilt ends too. When you use straightening iron to straighten your hair then the result will last till you wash your hair but after this treatment you will get straight hair for atleast six months and you can increase the duration by washing lesser times in a week like 2 times in enough to wash and make your hair clean looking and fresh, the more you wash the shorter the duration of the treatment results.

Cons: Along with so many benefits there are also some risks and disadvantages of this treatment and you have to know about them too. There is a chemical named as Formaldehyde which is very dangerous to not only humans but for the environment too. If this will be ingested by human then the result will be very fatal even the inhalation of this chemical will be dangerous for health and many companies are using it without declaring about the usage of that in their keratin treatment kits. It will also cost you a big money amount.