What are the Characteristics of a Cig a Likes

Smoking has been around us since the beginning of time and not that it is an addiction, it is a need as well. you will be shocked to know that in some cases of mental health with humans, who has some kind of mental illness that is not beneficial for them and for the people around them, such people are recommended by the brain doctors to use some sort of medicinal smoking. Even in the wars, when the soldiers used to fight day and night, they used to take break and then they had cigs and they were back on track, some people smoke to forget the stress they have and you will be laughing to know that some people smoke to digest their food. Even though there is no science behind it because it is a psychological thing. But if you want to smoke but, in a safe way then we suggest that you use a cig a likes. These are the latest smoking devices and if you want to know more about it then keep reading and the whole lot of its info was provided to us by best shops of vape in Abu Dhabi who buy and sellmyle in Dubai;

  1. You must know the anatomy of a cig a like. It has a cartridge, coil, microprocessor, LED, battery and a sensor.
  2. There are different types of cig a likes;
  3. Disposable which are also called the pre filled e liquid. These are cheap and these are for one time use only.
  4. Refillable which are also called the manually fill cartomizer with e liquid and these are expensive and can last long enough.
  5. The best part about buying cig a likes is that they require very less battery power. If you are going on a trip and you need constant smoke, you can charge it to full and smoke all day.
  6. The second good part about it is that it consumes less e juice and produces more smoke and producing more smoke gives you the ultimate satisfaction.

This is a good smoking device for kids who have just turned to their legal age to smoke and they are looking for a entry level device which does not cause much damage to their lungs